Graduate of Denver School of Massage Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi I’m Laurie,  lover of animals plants and humans alike. I am an astrology enthusiast and love art in all its forms, especially blues music. I run a small operation so I can keep the focus on you. Every session is customized to meet your needs and expectations. Because really, who wants to be just another body when it can be all about you? I look forward to scheduling you for your “moment of release”!

The Meaning

Moment of Release:  The moment, during a massage session, when client and therapist feel the release of a muscle, or of congested energy in the body, allowing the body  and mind to function freely.

This is the moment I strive for in each and every massage session!

The Mission

Moment of Release is an honest and compassionate massage studio that provides relief of pain and stress, and builds endurance for athletes and individuals living the Colorado lifestyle with fair and honest services focused on client satisfaction

The Story

I am motivated by smiles. Simple as that.  When I began my journey as a massage therapist I knew I had found my calling.  It combined the two things that motivate me the most, helping people and bringing a smile to someone’s face.  I got into my studies and clinic shift and found out for myself how much regular massage can help chronic conditions like pain, insomnia, depression/anxiety, and digestive issues (just to name a few). Needless to say….I’m a believer!

During school I was in an auto accident and ruptured a disc that pinched my sciatic nerve root. OUCH!! Despite the pain this injury caused for 6 long months, I was motivated by my passion to complete the program. Unfortunately, my doctor did not release me to give or receive bodywork because of the degree and placement of my injury. UGH!!..(insert jealous emoji here). So I watched and absorbed every little thing possible, thanks to my instructors and classmates, until I had surgery and was able to begin giving and receiving bodywork. Receiving bodywork sped up the healing process, so that I could keep moving toward my goals. Then I worked double time to develop my craft.   I didn’t want anything to keep me from sharing my knowledge and passion for massage therapy with others.  Ever since graduation, I’ve been working and striving towards developing my skills and  creating a practice where you can come and know that you are the focus.  I create customized sessions based on the information you provide using a variety of tools and techniques in order to meet your needs and expectations for the session.


Next Steps…

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